P(l)ay wise

youtube This is a message to the Hungarian employers who do not offer a competitve salary to the young graduates. Therefore the qualified workforce is leaving the country and the employers do not find the right people for their open positions.

We made this video in a Speechless workshop in Budapest.

Our team: Rebeka Szabó Kata Szalontai Márk Seres Csaba Nádas


  • Nils Community Manager ist dafür

    What a vivid illustration of such a critical situation, thank you! The problem here is shown from a perspective of young Hungarian graduates, but I wonder what this means in a European context? For instance, how would a German or French employer feel about the situation?

    Wouldn't it be interesting to discuss a controversial issue like this in a European forum like this one? You have a say, please don't hesitate – it's never too late.

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