Culture and Creativity

Cultural diversity enriches our life in Europe, shapes our everyday experiences and our perspectives on things. At the same time, it is important to know and cultivate the cultural heritage.

People usually form a general opinion about groups of people that seem different from them somehow. Some stereotypes can be harmless but if they are joined with prejudice and negative discrimination, stereotypes become dangerous and lead to unfair treatment. Have you ever been shamed because of your cultural background?

It is easier to overcome the obstacles of linguistic and cultural differences, when people are open minded and ready to learn about and from each other. Embrace diversity and fight racism, sexism, ageism, etc.! Cultural activities are naturally intercultural, just think of the fact that you can grab a pizza with your friends anywhere now or play pétanque in Berlin if you wish. The way we dress or how we spend our free time is enriched by various cultures. Can you think of something that you like doing that is influenced by many national cultures?